PSS®E Xpress

PSS®E Xpress - The Essential Power Flow Toolbox!

In recent years, major blackouts around the world have increased awareness regarding the benefits of accurate modeling for improved system planning. Municipalities and cooperatives that have traditionally relied on regional independent system operators (ISO) or transmission owners (RTO) to provide planning modeling, need to be more actively involved to ensure the accuracy of their own system representation. To streamline the process of exchanging data with their ISO, RTO, or other governing body, utility companies, municipalities and cooperatives need a solution to perform essential tasks in a cost-effective manner.

To address these challenges Siemens PTI offers PSS®E Xpress. Derived from our market-leading PSS®E transmission planning software and a 40-year heritage, PSS®E Xpress includes essential functions for modeling and data exchange.

On a Tight Budget But Still Need to Comply with Modeling Standards?

Model and analyze your network for less than $12 a day!

The PSS®E Xpress power flow toolbox will make your day-to-day tasks easier:

  • Model development: Complete PSS®E data modeling capability provides the flexibility to view and edit existing cases or create new ones

  • Power flow solution: Includes the solution methods; Newton Raphson, Gauss-Seidel and our unique non-divergent solution option to investigate difficult-to-converge cases

  • Data checking: Verify valid power flow data entry to help ensure network conditions and equipment ratings are within operational limits

  • Reporting: Over 30 types of customizable one-click reports are included and combined with our powerful visualization tools to quickly and effectively highlight system response characteristics

  • Process automation: The ability to record and play a sequence of tasks, is deployed through an advanced Python® interface

Do You Need to Get it Right the First Time?

Compile trustworthy models with proven technology.

Built upon the proven success of PSS®E, PSS®E Xpress has:

  • Data categories to model all commercially available equipment

  • Flexible power flow calculation and reporting features

  • Data checking functions

  • Graphical display of results on customizable single-line diagrams

Is Your Regional Entity, ISO or Neighboring Utility Using PSS®E?

Speak the same language to avoid conversion or translation errors.

PSS®E Xpress enables you to:

  • View the electric system the same way they do

  • Exchange validated modeling data with regional entities

  • Identify potential issues on your system so they can be mitigated

Are You Concerned About Learning New Software?

PSS®E Xpress is an intuitive Windows® based solution developed by engineers for engineers!

Siemens PTI offers a number of fast and convenient ways to become a PSS®E Xpress expert!

  • Customer Support: Submit questions to our consulting engineers and product support staff online by completing a simple web form

  • Online Manual: The product installation includes the PSS®E Xpress Users Guide designed to take you through each task step-by-step

  • Website Access: Receive access to user-exclusive product support online

Do You Need to Perform Unbalanced Fault Analysis?

Then PSS®E Xpress Plus is your solution!

  • Many types of short circuit calculations are built in the module

  • Multiple faults can be applied simultaneously

  • Complies to ANSI and IEC standards

PSS®E Xpress provides the answers!