CIM-based Network Modeling & Analysis Software



Color contouring of flow and voltage violations

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    PSS®ODMS is a multi-purpose software product used by power transmission system planners, operations engineers, and operations planners to create, maintain, analyze, and exchange network model data quickly and easily for use in long term planning studies, near-term operational planning, and real-time system operation.

    It provides power system planners, operations planners, system operators and IT managers with a variety of capabilities, including:

    • Centralized data management and exchange across multiple domains (e.g. grid operations, network planning, etc.) – based on open CIM standards

    • Automated case creation for network operations planning studies

    • ENTSO-E CGMES compliance and PSS®E <-> CIM / CGMES data conversion (for European TSOs)

    • Real-time situational awareness (including state estimation and integration with SCADA and measurement data)

    • Offline study functions based on operation model, data, and scenarios

    View the NEW PSS®ODMS brochure to learn more about the various product capabilities, specific use cases, and features

    Learn about a real life success story – Siemens PTI helps AEP Transmission break new ground in Network Model Management

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