Efficient microgrid management for critical infrastructures

through operational, environmental, and economic optimization

Renewable energies in critical environments

Critical infrastructures

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    For operation of critical power grid infrastructures, the increasingly deregulated energy market and the advances in renewable energy sources offer both opportunities and challenges. The use of renewables to supply critical infrastructure increases independence from grid supply and lowers operating costs, especially since surplus electricity can be sold. If storage systems are used, that allows operations to take the form of an electrical island, providing security in case of emergencies such as storms.

    Fluctuations in electricity generation in a microgrid demand intelligent control mechanisms, reliable forecasts, and – especially in island mode – a balance between available power and power consumed. To meet these needs, Siemens supplies scalable software Microgrid Management Systems and solutions based on automation devices in the SICAM series and solutions based on Spectrum Power™.

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