Integrating renewable energy sources into the grid

through operational, environmental, and economic optimization

Integration of renewable energy sources and storage systems in a separate microgrid

Renewable energy sources

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    As inventories shrink, production cycles grow shorter and factories have to produce on demand faster than ever, just-in-time production is playing an increasingly important role. In this industrial environment, a reliable power supply is essential for factories to ensure their own economic viability. That’s why in many locations fossil-fuel based backup generators protect against power failures as well as against fluctuations in the grid and in the plant’s power consumption. However, it is more economical and more eco-efficient to integrate renewable energy sources and storage systems in a separate microgrid. This not only increases a plant’s independence from the energy supply and energy prices, it also improves its carbon footprint.

    To control these kinds of microgrids, Siemens offers the scalable Microgrid Management Systems as well as solutions based on SICAM automation devices.

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