Efficient microgrid management for institutional power grids

through operational, environmental, and economic optimization

The challenges of renewable energy

Renewables for institutions

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    Rising energy prices and the availability of reliable and resilient energy are increasingly becoming concerns to large energy consumers. Fundamental business changes such as market deregulation offer new opportunities for corporations, government organizations, municipalities, and universities to manage their energy supply optimized for their own use.

    Siemens delivers tailored solutions to meet energy goals, like energy reliability, sustainability, resiliency or economic aspects. By adding renewable generation sources and storage to the grid, the reliability of energy supply increases, and costs are reduced.

    As multiple generation sources and energy assets are added to a microgrid, advanced control functionality is required to ensure the system is operating as efficiently as possible. To meet decentralized infrastructure development needs and provide advanced functionality to maximize its value, Siemens supplies the scalable Microgrid Management Systems and solutions based on automation equipment in the SICAM series and software solutions based on our leading Spectrum Power™ platform.

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