Our Products – Integrated Advanced Cyber Security

Strict guidelines have been established in the industry to increase security in energy automation systems. Siemens products support the implementation of these guidelines with effective and appropriate security functions that are integrated right from the start.


Cyber Security: Security from the very start

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    The importance of Cyber Security

    Increased networking of systems, standardization of communication protocols and operating systems – simplifying processes ensures efficient operation. But the other side of the coin is that these trends also make our networks vulnerable. What can effectively protect our energy supply from attack? A solution which takes security into account at every stage of the development process. And at the end, contains exactly the security features that are needed. Looking at security as an integral component is important for a secure infrastructure – during both network planning and the design process. Siemens offers well-thought-out products, systems and solutions to ensure the security of the energy automation infrastructure. From the outset, they meet the most stringent security requirements – including those of the BDEW Whitepaper (German Association of Energy and Water Industries) and NERC CIP (North American Electric Reliability Corporation, Critical Infrastructure Protection), and certification in accordance with the process industry security standard WIB 2.0 ("Working-party on Instrument Behaviour“). The main parts of the WIB requirements will be merged under the roof of IEC 62443.

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