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Holistic Cyber Security Approach

The way grids are operated has changed dramatically. With communication technology penetrating down to the distribution network and even households, the growing interconnections create more points for potential attacks to critical infrastructure. Using a risk- and cost-optimized approach, we are your experienced partner – defining priorities together with you and developing a modular implementation roadmap that fits your individual needs. The Smart Grid Security Circle: holistic, layered, comprehensiveState-of-the-art security requires a holistic and integrated approach. We base ours on cyber security controls that provide multiple protective circles for your grid. These protective circles are interwoven, flexible, and adaptive to your specific needs. We have combined five layers to ensure a solid foundation for the protection of your business


Access Management & Policies

Our cyber security solutions comply with regulatory requirements for role-based access control. Authorized users will have access when they need it, and your grid will be protected from operational misuse. We enable you to take control of your grid operations, increasing reliability while minimizing risk.

Take control of your security network and operations

Many cases of grid incidents are caused by misuse of access rights. Following the principle of least privilege, system access must be limited to the minimum necessary for your users.

Secure access management in an operational grid environment requires different handling than in traditional IT systems. You need operational availability and must be compliant with regulatory requirements for role-based access control.
With central access management solutions for SCADA and grid networks that are interoperable within a multi-vendor environment, our solutions provide single sign-on functionality which can be integrated into your existing IT and security environment to ensure operational efficiency.

Advanced Grid Security

Integrating security technology into systemcritical devices provides end-to-end security for your grid while reducing costs and complexity. You’ll get future-proof protection, along with fewer network components to manage. For a system you can always rely on.

Integrated cyber security protects your grid

The ultimate goal of security is to ensure a system that is always on and not corrupted. We provide solutions that integrate cyber security into your business’ critical systems to increase confidentiality, integrity, and, especially, the availability of your grid.

Advanced grid security depends on multiple measures – measures that are defined in global standards (such as IEC 62433, IEC 62351, and ISO 27k) and are recommended by regulatory authorities such as NERC CIP.
By integrating relevant technologies such as encryption and communication components into system-critical devices, a higher level of security is reached with reduced operational costs and reduced network complexity. Not only will you have fewer network components to manage, you’ll also benefit from end-to-end security.

Incident Handling & Security Patch Management

When a security event occurs, your critical systems must be protected – quickly. Our services for incident handling and patch management provide regular security patch updates to keep your systems running and to help you in case of security incidents. With Siemens as your partner, you won’t be caught off guard when new threats arise.

Keep your system up to date operations

When a security incident occurs, you must be prepared to take action. Without adequate information and tools, you won’t be able to protect your grid. Our solutions for incident handling are closely coupled with our security patch management service, where we use our Siemens wide CERT to scan the market for new threats.

Security patch management issues critical and non-critical patches with different response times as appropriate. Only relevant and verified patches are implemented, delivered, and commissioned for your critical network systems.

Monitoring, Detection & Reporting

Continuous monitoring and analyzing of network events allows you to respond quickly and take control. When a potential threat occurs, continuous monitoring helps you to identify and isolate the problem, significantly reducing any possible damage to your network and business.

Stay on top of your network

Security monitoring means keeping events visible and getting advanced notice of possible threats by analyzing network incidents. Comprehensive reporting allows you to constantly improve your system’s integrity and assist with forensic analysis of incidents.

  By providing security information and event management, we make it possible for you to effectively monitor your network’s security status.

Trust Anchor

Security requires trust. Working with Siemens gives you the advantage of an experienced, reliable partner who has cost-effective and certified cyber security solutions ready to go.

  When it comes to grid security you shouldn’t trust just anyone

Cyber security is a highly sensitive area that demands a trustworthy partner. A technology partner who understands how products, systems, and solutions integrate with the processes and people behind them.
We combine an industry-leading smart grid portfolio with extensive experience and expertise in delivering cyber security solutions.

We offer product, solution, and service security that includes unique life-cycle support. We actively work with international standards organizations to develop and improve security standards for smart grids, and we advise regulatory authorities on technical and process-related topics. We facilitate a Siemens wide Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT), and our oversight of CERT gives us increased visibility into global cyber security threats.