Transmission Network Applications

Our systems ensure reliable supply, efficient use of generation resources and reduced transmission losses.

The Challenge

  • Fundamental load-flow changes due to energy market liberalization

  • Tendency to use existing equipment to higher limits

  • Integration of an increasing share of renewable energy sources

  • Increasing pressure for reliability and security of control systems

The Solution

  • Versatile load-flow optimization for real-time use and operation planning with Spectrum Power SCADA/EMS

  • Constant monitoring of system stability with Spectrum Power QuickStab, SIGUARD PDP, and SIGUARD DSA

  • Wind power generation forecast and load-flow congestion management with the Wind Power Management (WPM) package

  • Cyber security solutions compliant with the highest standards for critical infrastructure

The Benefits

  • Lowest possible grid loads and losses incorporating any given equipment constraints, as well as load and generation patterns

  • Timely detection of system instability and evaluation of possible countermeasures

  • Assurance of highest control system availability in an affordable manner

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