Reliable energy management for industries. Spectrum Power guarantees highest production output through maximum supply security at lower costs.

The Power of Industry

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    The challenge

    Power supply systems for the industry have to operate reliably to ensure that the required amount of power is available at all times. At the same time, it is crucial for you to lower costs through consistent load optimization and to control the constant supply of the entire plant. You are also faced with the additional challenge of integrating building and network control.

    The solution

    Spectrum Power helps you face all your power-supply challenges: for airports and industrial estates, and for industries such as mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas, chemical, and steel. No matter what industry you’re in – Spectrum Power solutions keep your business on and running at all times.

    Spectrum Power from Siemens is a fully integrated, customizable control center technology for managing energy networks of any size. The system excels in its proven reliability and safety, as well as by being geared towards future developments.

    With Spectrum Power, you have:

    • Intuitive navigation thanks to seamless integration into Microsoft® Windows® processes

    • Intelligent information management with SCADA, a sophisticated alarm system, and flexible archive system

    • Onboard load management, allowing your existing energy contracts to be optimally exploited

    • Maximum efficiency in optimization, data engineering, security, and future flexibility

    The benefits

    • Reliable, high-quality power supply, guaranteeing highest production output

    • Considerable reduction in TCO, including data entry, maintenance, and configuration management via the Information Model Manager

    • Smooth system migration, as well as extendable and upgradable options, thanks to the flexible and modular design

    • Complete access to the world of industrial automation

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