Distribution Network Applications (DNA)

The future-proof solution for advanced distribution network operation.

The challenge

Distribution grid operators have to cope with fundamental load flow changes due to increased distributed generation, for instance wind or PV. They need tools that increase the reliability and efficiency of control center operation and field activities, that minimize downtime and increase work safety.

The solution

The Spectrum Power Distribution Network Applications (DNA) suite provides the tools you require for the advanced operation of distribution grids with increasing feed-in of renewable energy resources.

The Spectrum Power DNA suite comprises two main functional areas:

1.Grid analysis applications

  • The Distribution System State Estimator as well as Power Flow and Short Circuit Analysis are important to determine and assess the state of the distribution network.

  • Fault Location as well as Fault Isolation & Service Restoration help to automate fault management.

  • Distribution System Security Analysis assesses the impact of faults and planned outages on the security of the distribution grid.

2. Network optimization and planning applications

  • Volt-/Var control, Optimal Feeder Reconfiguration, and Optimal Capacitor Placement provide methods to optimize the system’s operation while avoiding potential system limit violations. They help restore security in case of operational limit violations and support the optimal placing of capacitors for a secure voltage profile.

The DNA suite works perfectly within the Spectrum Power™ Distribution Management System (DMS). Thanks to its service-oriented architecture (SOA), DNA can also be integrated with other DMS/OMS systems by means of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) middleware.

The benefits

Spectrum Power DNA is designed to meet current as well as evolving industry standards and to comply with future regulatory requirements. It minimizes losses, maximizes revenue and ensures reliable integration of renewables. This makes the DNA suite an essential component of any smart distribution grid solution, for today and tomorrow.

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