Dynamic Security Assessment


SIGUARD DSA Cockpit showing risk of instability for the past (left), present (middle) and future (right) power system states.

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    Power system stability plays an increasingly important role in system operation and planning today. The stability limits of these systems are often reached far earlier than their thermal or rated limits. In addition, the growing complexity of power systems increases the risk of blackouts. This means that network operation cannot rely on data acquisition and static n-1 analyses only.

    SIGUARD DSA is an online application to support the system operator in taking critical decisions. The extremely fast power system simulator running in the background can be executed on a computation cluster and, hence, is able to perform a comprehensive contingency study of the largest existing networks.
    By considering short term forecasts of loads, generation and switching actions, SIGUARD® DSA can even prepare for future situations, leaving more time for the operator to study the situation and the proposed remedial actions.

    The solution includes customization and integration of SIGUARD DSA into any IT environment. The adaptation and long-term maintenance of the power system model as well as consulting services are offered.

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