Business Transformation and Solution Engineering

Strategic business consulting and solution engineering services in the field of business transformation from today’s power utilities towards utilities of the future.

Business Transformation and Solution Engineering

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    The Siemens’ business strategy consulting method for power utilities ensures that business objectives are reached through management processes that are optimized to the business environment and supported by the right technological texture, ensuring a maximization of the benefits. It aligns strategy definition and implementation and makes sure, that the integral business case is viable and investments are strategically guided to create value for the company.

    By supporting the process changes, the power utility is supported in it’s transformation processes by having the right initiatives for the future, the right technical setup and a clear positioning in future markets.

    The vision is to be able to link the strategy to the individual activities in the company by making transparent how the individual contributions help to achieve the goals and how a utility needs to handle the different tasks, such as, but not limited to network operations, customer services, asset management, smart energy generation, usage and storage as well as the smart organization.

    The process is fostered by advanced frameworks to assess and evaluate the economical impact  and strategic aspects of the development of an utility business in future markets including design of new business models and offerings as well as strategies to expand the business horizontally and vertically.

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