About Solutions for Power Management for Industry Grids

ENEAS power management includes important functions for the reliable operation of an industry power grid. It is fully integrated into the entire energy automation system and offers different function modules to be tailored to the specific needs of the energy supply for the industrial process.


Solutions for Power Management for Industry Grids

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    Integrated power management for industry grids
    Every industrial process relies on an adequate supply of electrical power. In large industrial plants, power is frequently supplied via the company’s own microgrid. These grids feature integrated electricity generation with on-site generator sets that can supply at least a large part of the energy required for production. Industry grids are typically connected to a power utility’s external grid, but many grids can also be in island mode.
    Several are designed as dedicated island grids – especially in the oil and gas industry, in remote regions, and offshore. With ENEAS (Efficient Network and Energy Automation Systems) solutions, Siemens delivers firstclass functions and applications for these specific grid types that play a key role in providing a reliable power supply and ensuring grid stability.

    Automatic load shedding and generation control are ...
    Automatic load shedding disconnects low-priority feeders in case of a power deficit in the industry grid. Load shedding restores the balance between power generation and consumption and ensures the uninterrupted operation of core processes. Additionally, a function for controlling frequency and voltage in the grid is available. Generation control continuously calculates the active and reactive power needed and shares it between the available generators to provide a high level of grid stability.

    ... integral components of substation automation
    A separate system is not required for either automatic load shedding or generation control. This means that you save on space, wiring, and other components as
    well as eliminate the need for an additional communications network. ENEAS power management is fully embedded in the substation automation infrastructure and so utilizes its resources more effectively. Even if you intend to incorporate third vendor systems, there are ready-made solutions available. Legacy systems can also be integrated.

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