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RTD-Box TR1200 (RS485)




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    The RTD-box TR1200 can capture up to 12 temperatures with 12 measuring inputs. 2- and 3-conductor Pt 100 sensors are supported. For the 2-conductor mode, the measured conductor resistance can be compensated for with a corresponding setting. The measurement of temperatures may be simulated for commissioning purposes.

    The output of measured values to the protection device is compatible with TR600 and implemented with bus cable 7XV5103-7AAxx via a RS485 bus. All settings are done via 3 push buttons on the front of the device. Entry can be blocked via a code. The TR1200 has a wide-range power supply from 24 – 250 V DC and 115 / 230 V AC as well as an alarm relay. Sensor failure or sensor short-circuit are alarmed and transmitted via protocol to the SIPROTEC device.

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