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Two-Channel Serial Communication Converter



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    The CC-2M communication converter is used for serial data transmission over long distances via a communication network. It converts synchronous or asynchronous serial 820 nm optical input signals at inputs FO1 and FO2 to a network interface and again returns these signals at the remote terminal via the latter's interfaces. FO1 and FO2 may be configured independently for either synchronous or asynchronous operation, but must be set to the same operating mode at both ends. In synchronous mode, the interface should only be used for exchanging the protection data of the 7SD5/7SD6 differential protection or 7SA52/7SA6 distance protection and is preconfigured for 512 kbit/s. In asynchronous mode, the interface can be used for connection of devices with baud rates between 1.2 to 115.2 kbit/s. A further asynchronous electrical RS232 interface is provided for max. 115.2 kbit/s. It provides for the connection of a serial PC interface with DIGSI and thereby the operations interface to SIPROTEC devices at the remote end. The G703.6 network interface is provided in the form of 4-way screw terminals and can be configured as a 2-Mbit/s interface with European E1 format or as a 1.544-Mbit/s interface in the American T1 format. All settings of the device are made with jumpers, so that no special PC software is required.

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