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Ethernet Modem



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    A control PC and protection relays can exchange serial data via an Ethernet network using two Ethernet modems 7XV5655. Connection to the Ethernet modem is in each case made via the asynchronous serial interface of the terminal devices. In the modem the serial data is packed into the secure IP protocol as information data, and is transferred between the modems using the Ethernet connection. Conformity with the standard and gap-free transmission of serial DIGSI or IEC 60870-5-103/101 telegrams (frames) via the network is ensured by the modem which receives the serial telegram communication and packs the serial IEC telegrams into blocks for communication via the Ethernet. Data is transmitted in full duplex mode, the serial handshake is not supported. Connection is set up between the IP address of the dialing modem in the office and the IP address of the answering modem in the substation and is configured prior to dial up with DIGSI by means of AT commands via the RS232 interface.

    The substation modem may be configured to have password protection, and provides the additional security feature, permitting access only from defined IP addresses, e.g. only that of the office modem. The modem is accessed with DIGSI Remote like a normal telephone modem with the exception that instead of telephone numbers, IP addresses are assigned by the network administrator for each modem.

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