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Active Mini Star-Coupler



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    Five optical ports allow the active mini star-coupler to centrally or remotely communicate with devices with serial interfaces using different baud rates and data formats. Using a simple ASCII sequence, only one of the available output channels is switched to a transparent full duplex operation. The active mini star-coupler can be used with any terminal program or for SIPROTEC protection relays with the DIGSI operating program. Each of the input and output channels can be parameterized independently to the device attached by adjustable baud rates and data formats or as input or output ports. For communication with more than 5 devices, the active mini star-coupler can be cascaded together with an RS485 bus in half-duplex mode with further devices.

    Please note:
    The 7XV5450 passive mini star-coupler is commended for controlling several SIPROTEC 3 or SIPROTEC 4 devices with DIGSI or for communication by a remote control system.

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