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Two-Channel Serial Optical Repeater up to 40km



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    The optical repeater exchanges serial optical signals over long distances via only one single mono-mode FO cable. It converts serial optical 820 nm signals at Port 1 and Port 2 in the range 300 bit/s – 4.096 Mbit/s to 1300/1550 nm for one mono-mode FO cable. Both synchronous and asynchronous signals can be connected at Port 1/2. Two independent, serial 820 nm inputs with ST connectors are available, which are multiplexed to Port 3.

    Two devices with an optical 820 nm interface, for example the 7SD5/7SD610 line differential protection relay or the RS232/820 nm 7XV5652 converter, can be connected to Ports 1 and 2 via multi-mode FO cables for distances of up to 1.5 km. Signal transmission at Port 3 is achieved via the single LC connector at wavelengths of 1300 nm/1550 nm for connection of mono-mode FO cable up to 40 km. The device can be connected to DC battery voltages and AC supply sources. Loops can be activated for Port 1/2 for commissioning purposes, so that the input signals can be mirrored at each port to support commissioning of the fiber optical links.

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