Water treatment ensures sustainable success

»Highest water quality is a crucial factor in many industrial processes. This is why the production of ultra-pure water is of great importance for many businesses. In addition to that, all industries have to recycle the waste water they produce. Siemens services for water and waste water ensure the profitability and environment-compatibility of water systems and secure sustainable business success.«

A great number of industrial products depend on the quality of the water that is used in their production. This is why many businesses maintain water treatment systems. These systems have to work reliably in order to ensure highest product quality and to avoid plant downtime. In addition to that, businesses are required to recycle waste water in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Siemens services for water and waste water ensure that industrial water systems continuously provide highest water quality and quantity. A service contract enables businesses to manufacture their products reliably and at highest quality levels – cost efficient and in accordance with all relevant regulations.

Service contracts, customer services, retrofits, and modernization measures from Siemens keep water systems always up to date. The services also comprise the lease of mobile water treatment systems, spare parts, and consumables as well as the replacement of carbon media and operator models. This is how the services ensure highest water quality and reliable water purification in the industry.