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Shutter/Blind controls

General information

Our shutter/blind control system demonstrates how simple it can be to increase comfort and security in the home. A series of newly developed applications is our response to users' frequently expressed desire for greater living convenience – regardless of whether they live in a new or renovated building or simply want to extend their existing electrical installation. What's more, the new functionality allows you to offer your customers a perfect solution in their favorite DELTA design – from local or central control to brightness or time-dependent control by means of sun sensors or time switches

Functions according to your wishes:

The complete unit is available in two versions: the standard and the comfort version.

Standard shutter/blind control

Jalousiesteuerung Standard - Standard shutter/blind control

The Standard-version is convincing with its simple operation, quick commissioning of the switching times as well as its remote control option.

Comfort shutter/blind control

Jalousiesteuerung Komfort - Comfort shutter/blind control

The comfort version offers the following additional functions:

  • Individualized time control

  • Astro-function

  • Daylight saving time/regular time

  • Presence simulation      

  • Sun-dependent control via sun sensors

  • Individually settable blind runtimes 

Simple to operate:

We placed a lot of emphasis on ensuring that the operation of the blind control is simple. The large LCD display and the menu-driven operation via 4 key pads guarantee this.

Suitable for the DELTA i-system

Both of the complete units, blind control Standard and blind control Comfort, are available in the colors titanium white, aluminum and carbon metallic in the DELTA i-system, i.e. they are available for DELTA line and can be integrated via intermediate frames in the switch ranges DELTA profil and DELTA style.