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We bring power to the point – safely and reliably

Efficient, reliable, safe: These are the demands placed on electrification and especially power supply today. And our answer – for all application areas of the energy system – is Totally Integrated Power (TIP). It’s based on our comprehensive range of products, systems, and solutions for all voltage levels (from high to low voltage), rounded out by our support throughout the entire lifecycle – from planning with our own software tools to installation, operation, and services. Smart interfaces allow linking to industrial or building automation, making it possible to fully exploit all the optimization potential of an integrated solution. This is how we provide our customers around the world with answers to their challenges. With highly efficient, reliable, and safe power supply solutions, we lay the foundation for sustainable infrastructure and cities, buildings, and industrial plants. We bring power to the point – wherever and whenever it is needed.


TIP – tailored to every need

The requirements for safe, reliable, and efficient distribution and use of energy are constantly increasing. Every industry has different needs and circumstances. Whether it’s the automotive or chemical industry, buildings, data centers, infrastructure, the heavy metal industry, or oil and gas – power supply must be perfectly tailored to the specific application area. TIP, with its integrated portfolio from a single source, can be easily linked to the automation in every industry. Furthermore, the portfolio is being continuously further developed, based on the needs of our customers.

Complete product range for power supply

Totally Integrated Power offers an integrated portfolio for power supply. Our products are modular and perfectly coordinated. They provide excellent support for every application area and can be integrated into any system. Our comprehensive portfolio of switching, measuring, and monitoring devices extends from high-voltage equipment via medium-voltage components for indoor and outdoor use to reliable, safe low-voltage components and devices, all the way to switches and outlets. Whether used individually or in a system, our products ensure reliable and efficient power distribution.

TIP – systematic power supply

Well-designed, flexible systems and solutions for all power supply levels and application areas ensure smooth and efficient operation and, thanks to their intelligent interfaces, can be perfectly linked to industrial automation as well as building automation. Our integrated and comprehensive portfolio of products, systems, and solutions helps our customers to make the best possible use of power, thereby optimizing their core business. From low- and medium-voltage switchgear via high-voltage equipment to complete power supply solutions, we offer the right answer for every challenge.

Support of all kinds

Totally Integrated Power offers more than products, systems, and solutions for energy distribution. We support our customers across the entire process and lifecycle of a plant – from the initial idea to completion and after-sales service. We offer tools for planning plant and system architectures, assistance with energy management and monitoring, and a variety of training courses and classes to ensure the perfect implementation of our portfolio.

Our partners are our focal point

We consider our partners to be an important factor for a sustainable future. We want to provide our partners – whether OEMs, panel builders, or distributors – with optimal support by offering them a variety of business models and services. We provide everything from a single source; our global presence with local representation and our use of common standards are among the many benefits we offer. In addition, with our industry-specific expertise, we support our customers in their project implementation and our local partners through our holistic portfolio. We consider all of these to be crucial components for a solid, long-term partnership.

  • New generator circuit-breaker switchgear VB1-D with truck-type design for 63 kA
    The VB1-D generator switchgear with truck-type design was developed due to changed performance requirements of the market.

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  • 3VA molded case circuit breakers enhance system availability and transparency
    The new 3VA molded case circuit breakers ensure a safer and more transparent power supply for buildings, infrastructure and industrial systems.

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  • New 3KD switch disconnectors with improved protection functions
    The new 3KD switch disconnectors offer improved user protection against electricity-related accidents during installation and maintenance work, and prevent incorrect operation.

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  • Modular system cubicle enclosure Sivacon sicube 8MF
    The new modular system Sivacon sicube 8MF for empty system cubicle enclosure includes more than 1000 elements for virtually endless combinations.

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  • Siestorage - The modular electrical energy storage system
    SIESTORAGE is a modular electrical energy storage and power flow management system that ensures a stable and reliable supply of power.

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