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The flexible and easy-to-use converter for innovative grids

The growing distributed energy market is challenging grid operation and calling for new concepts. Distributed and renewable energy sources are playing an increasingly important role in power generation and more support is required to manage the rising complexity of grid operation. New technologies are needed to ensure energy safety and high energy availability for consumers and to achieve a balance between fissile energy generation and renewable energy generation. SINACON HC is Siemens’ answer to these market demands.

With the SINACON HC, it is easy to connect various energy sources to the grid. The high-performance converter is suitable for applications in public and island grids and thanks to its broad DC voltage range, every battery voltage range can be used independently of the AC voltage. This helps stabilize grids and enables the maximum output of the solar park to be tapped. The SINACON HC is also certified according to local grid standards. All of these properties make the converter an all-round solution.

Microgrid operations

Microgrid operation requires a stable voltage and frequency control for the connected loads. Some microgrid applications are grid connected and use the public grid as a power source to create a stable microgrid. Complete off-grid applications (island grids) are mostly supplied by diesel generators. Microgrid converters need a parallel-operation capability with existing diesel generators. Another important feature is the black-start capability. To improve functionality and efficiency, a combination of PV and battery storage is beneficial.

Core functionalities

  • Parallel operation with diesel generator in island grid

  • Grid-connected microgrid operations

Grid coupling or grid coupled microgrid

That version can be combined – back to back – for grid coupling application, additional DC sources can be added upon request.

Technical Data

The SINACON HC provides a range of impressive functions for innovative grid applications. The converter’s advanced infeed technology ensures high power quality and its DC input voltage range (100 to 1150 V DC), which is independent of the AC voltage, offers optimal flexibility in operation and system optimization. The converter is certified in accordance with local grid standards and its global service platform ensures optimum serviceability and availability.


Technical data

H C 250-x

H C 500-x

H C 1000-x


Nominal power in kW




Nominal power factor


Nominal voltage

3 AC 600‒620 V (+10 % / –15 %)


3 AC 600‒620 V (+10 % / –15 %)

Nominal current in A




DC input/output

Number of DC inputs


Minimum DC voltage

100 V

Maximum DC voltage

1150 V

Grounding on DC side


DC input paralleling


DC-side precharge


Black-start capability


Environmental conditions

Ambient temperature

0° to +45° C , +50° C with derating

Altitude without derating

1000 m to 45° C / 2000 m to 40° C

Cooling method

Closed-loop internal liquid cooling with air-water heat exchanger

Noise level

< 70 dB

Overview standard variants