The modular electrical energy storage system

Wind and solar power have already become key power sources in today’s energy mix. Their heavy penetration and the growth of more distributed generation has changed the operational structure of the electricity grid. Further, the unpredictable nature and variability of renewable energy generation leads to fast-changing imbalances between generation and load, impacting grid stability and power quality.

SIESTORAGE can act as an energy consumer as well as producer. This combination helps to improve grid stability and enable greater integration of renewable energy sources. Thus the grid can utilize more of available energy. Also industry and infrastructure customers can benefit from this solution to better manage variable loads or as an alternative to back-up power generation in case of a breakdown.

SIESTORAGE provides a stable and reliable power supply. It helps to integrate renewable energy sources and can help to reduce the use of fossil fuel generation moving towards a more modern eco-friendly grid.

Cutting-edge technology

SIESTORAGE combines cutting-edge power electronics, automation, and state-of-the-art Li-ion battery technology, resulting in the following technical advantages:

  • Fast and accurate response time to consume and discharge energy

  • Assured power quality

  • Flexible and scalable design (from kW/kWh to MW/MWh) for many use cases

  • Increased reliability thanks to system architecture redundancy

Modular concept

SIESTORAGE is based on a modular concept, with four standard components offering a situation-specific tailor-made solution:

  • Grid connection cabinet

  • Converter cabinet

  • Control cabinet

  • Battery cabinet

One-stop solution

Benefit from comprehensive end-to-end expertise:

  • Analysis of grid and user requirements

  • Development of business cases

  • Planning of the complete project

  • Construction and integration of components and system

  • Commissioning and installation in e-houses, existing buildings, or shipping-style containers

  • Service over the entire asset life cycle

What SIESTORAGE can do...

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