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Power Supply Solutions

We provide you with low- and medium voltage power supply solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements. We also offer individual services, such as our “Main Electrical Vendor” business model. We deliver reliable, economical solutions from a single source to supply power for your industrial processes. From the network design, the selection and dimensioning of the operating equipment to the operational management of the system.
We also offer solutions and technologies in the field of electricity networks, encouraging on energy- and cost-efficient as well as an environmentally friendly infrastructure.
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SIPLINK can connect two or more separate medium voltage AC grids with different voltages, frequencies or phase angles


Plug & Play Power Supply Solution


Shore connection power supply system for berthed ships


The energy storage solution for stable distribution networks and a reliable power supply

PV electrical Balance of Plant (eBoP) Solution

PV electrical Balance of Plant(eBoP) Solution

Business models

We are able to develop individual business models according to the different requirements of customers, countries or projects