Medium Voltage Outdoor Systems

Outdoor vacuum circuit-breakers are especially designed for outdoor installation. The design comprises a minimum of moving parts and a simple construction, which guarantees a long electrical and mechanical endurance, offering the same advantages as indoor vacuum circuitbreakers.

Further information you find in the booklet Vacuum Switching Technology and Components for Medium Voltage - Your guide on the right side.

Live-Tank Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker 3AF0

Our live-tank circuit breakers 3AF0 excel in their ability to reliably switch off overhead lines.

Live-Tank Outdoor Vacuum Circuit-Breakers 3AF04/3AF05 for Traction Power Substations

The Outdoor Vacuum Circuit-Breakers for AC traction power supplies consist of three major parts: the pole assembly, the operating mechanism box, and the supporting steel structure.

Dead-Tank Outdoor Circuit Breaker SDV6

In 2006, Siemens introduced the global class dead-tank SDV6 outdoor vacuum circuit breaker with the trustworthy Siemens 3AH3 vacuum circuit breaker.

Siemens Vacuum Recloser 3AD

The 3AD recloser combines cutting-edge technology with quality engineering expertise in relay protection schemes for which Siemens is known.

Dead-Tank Outdoor Circuit Breaker SDV7 and SDV7-AR

Type SDV7 Distribution Circuit Breaker Ratings, Enclosures and Types


Fusesaver, the world’s fastest MV outdoor vacuum circuit breaker, is the most cost effective solution for optimizing reliability while minimizing operating costs of rural overhead MV networks.