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DELTA reflex smoke detectors SD9


Rauchmelder - Smoke detector  SD9

Many fire dangers lurk in a household, like a hot iron, a forgotten cigarette or a scorching cable. It’s good if you’re prepared for them – with the new DELTA® reflex SD9 smoke detector.

Simply installed on the ceiling, it detects developing smoke right away. It reports the danger both optically and acoustically as soon as there’s any smell of burning. And at 85 db(A), it’s so loud that it even wakes people from a deep sleep. You can sleep soundly knowing that the DELTA reflex SD9 smoke detector is keeping watch!


Rauchmelder - Smoke detector  SD9

  • 9 V smoke detector

  • Stand-alone version

  • Material highly resistant to UV

  • Battery warning indicator for approximately 30 days

  • Modern design in titanium white finish

  • Very good price/performance ratio