powermanager Power Monitoring Software

The powermanager power monitoring software visualizes and analyzes energy flows. Together with the 7KT/7KM PAC measuring devices, it creates a complete power monitoring system for small and medium enterprises in industry and infrastructure – for simple commissioning and expansion at any time.

Einfacher Einstieg

Easy to get started

Schnelle Einsparungen

Rapid savings

Hohe Anlagenverfügbarkeit

High system availability

Easy to get started

The initial investment is low: Only a Windows PC is required to start. Any communication networks (Ethernet) you already have can be used and existing infrastructure can be integrated (devices with Modbus communication capability). The engineering and training overhead for the powermanager software is low – you benefit here from the comprehensive default settings such as pre-defined reports or pre-settings for archiving. You can start with the basic package and functionally expand it at any time – or also increase the number of devices. The license costs are graduated depending on the project size. No new installation is necessary to activate additional functions, and all configurations and archived data remain intact.

Rapid savings

Through load profile analysis, peak loads can be quickly identified and optimized using appropriate measures. Afterwards, the power supply agreement can be optimized. Through the direct comparison of various processes, loads or system components, inefficiencies can be uncovered. Precise cost center allocation allows for benchmarking between cost centers – even cross-location. No least, by creating transparency of energy flows, there is a sharpened energy awareness among employees.

High system availability

Continuous monitoring will allow early detection of critical system states. Imminent device failure can be predicted from the characteristic curves of measured values, even anomalies can be identified and prevented. Unnecessary downtime costs are minimized. In addition, faults in power quality, e.g. the occurrence of harmonics or voltage dips, can be identified through continuous monitoring. This provides a precaution against the destruction of the devices.

Quickly creating transparency with powermanager

System architecture


The powermanager power monitoring software is scalable and can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the project.

Basic package

The basic package comes with the software for installation on the server and client and already includes up to ten devices and one client. A web license and a report license are also included. As an option, this basic license can also be expanded by four option packs:

Weltweit verfügbar

Device package

This allows the number of devices to be flexibly increased.

"Expert" option package

Any quantity of freely configurable system images can be created and displayed.


"Client" option package

A Windows client is used for project visualization and configuration of several PCs simultaneously. The client license lies on the server.

"Distributed Systems" option package

Coupling several, independent powermanager systems. Each system can access the measured values and alarms of the others and visualize them.