7KT PAC Measuring Devices

The 7KT PAC measuring devices enable high transparency throughout the entire application. With the 7KT PAC1200 multichannel current measuring system, the detection of current values occurs via sensors mounted above the miniature circuit breakers. The 7KT PAC1500 measuring devices are used to measure power consumption in one- and three-phase systems, e.g. in industrial plants, non-residential buildings, offices and apartments in apartment houses.

7KT PAC1500 Measuring Devices


Cost pressures are growing, particularly in industry. Product operating times are reduced and manufacturing facilities must be retrofitted more frequently. The load levels of the distribution boards during operation are therefore constantly under observation in order to avoid peak loads in a timely manner or to perform retrofitting.

The versions can be used for consumption analysis and minimization of operating costs in industrial plants and office buildings. The device versions with LAN interfaces allow a readout to be performed easily using an existing LAN network.

The devices indicate 6 measured values on an LCD display: Active energy rate 1 and rate 2, reactive energy rate 1 and rate 2, active power and reactive power. This means that the current load of a distribution board can be read out.


  • The measurement data are constantly stored as a text file with a time and date stamp. This allows users to create flexible designs for their own specific solutions (e.g.with MS Excel)

  • The devices indicate the instantaneous power in addition to the consumption, providing an overview of plant capacity utilization at all times and saving additional measuring devices into the bargain

  • For practically unlimited use: 7KT PAC1500 measuring devices for direct connection, 63 A for small plants and up to 5000 A with transformer for large plants.

7KT PAC1200 Multichannel Current Measuring System

The 7KT PAC1200 multichannel current measuring system is a cost-efficient solution for transparent display of power consumption levels and arising costs. The 7KM PAC1200 allows you to determine precisely the power required in each installation branch, without major installation expense. The detection occurs via ring-shaped sensors, through whose opening the load side outgoing cables are routed behind the miniature circuit breakers. That is why it is not necessary to disconnect the cables – guaranteeing easy installation.


  • Both small and large applications can be flexibly designed, as the sensor bars are offered in versions with 3, 6, 9, and 12 sensors. This enables up to 96 sensors in one system with superb space utilization in the power distribution board.

  • The measurement variables of current, voltage and power are saved in the device and can be displayed graphically or as values via a web browser or an app (iOS and Android). It is also possible to export them as a CSV file.

7KT LAN Couplers

A LAN coupler supports worldwide data retrieval from 7KT PAC measuring devices and counters. Up to 30 devices can be linked to a LAN coupler via a Webbrowser, such as Firefox. In turn, the LAN coupler is connectedto a LAN. Data communication between the LAN coupler and the PC takes place using the TCP/IP protocol.

7KT PAC Expansion Modules and Accessories

Expansion modules are used as communication interfaces for 7KT PAC1500 counters. The expansion modules are placed alongside the 7KT PAC1500 counters.

7KT1 908 M-Bus communication modules

  • Power supply through bus cable

  • Baud rates: 300 to 9600 kbit/s

  • Status indication by LED on the module

  • Can be parameterized using M-Bus Master Software

7KT1 907 Modbus RTU expansion modules

  • Power supply: 230 V AC

  • Baud rates: 4.8 / 9.6 / 19.2 and 38.4 kbit/s are supported.

  • Status indication by LED on the module

  • Can be parameterized using RS 485 Master Software

7KT1 903 RS 485 expansion modules

  • Power supply: 230 V AC

  • Status indication by LED on the module

7KT1 900 7KNX/EIB expansion modules

  • Power supply through the KNX/EIB bus cable

  • Status indication by LED on the module