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Safe power distribution,  intelligent data and process management

SIVACON S8 is ready for the challenges of digitalisation and the future. With SIMARIS control, swicthboard data is recorded, analysed and integrated in to higher-level automation and energy management systems. The data from the SIVACON S8 can also be transmitted to Cloud based analysis systems.
In matter safety and flexibility, SIVACON S8 is still the right solution. With its special features for power-critical applications  and its high quality custom design, it  provides an increased safety  as well as high flexibility.

Intelligent switchboard

Using the SIMARIS control visualisation application, all communication-capable switching devices of the SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard can be operated and monitored uniformly. Status information and measured values of devices are displayed comprehensively and clearly. Detailed warnings and error messages enable simple and fast diagnostics of the cause of the fault. The data can be connected with higher level automation or energy manage-ment systems. The data from the SIVACON S8  can also be transmitted to  cloud based analysis systems, allowing company-wide maintenance strategies to be realized.

Profit from exciting features:

Communication-capable systems and sensors  for future-proof and reliable operation
Modern switchboards feature an increasing number of intelligent switching devices, which perform various control and  monitoring tasks.
The SIVACON S8 offers following key features:

  • Integration of different bus systems in SIMARIS control

  • Fully redundant communication system solutions are available

  • IEC 61850 gateway solution. The special data  concentrator converts all data into one IED ( Intelligent Electronic Device) node

  • Standardised data model for Motor Control Centers

  • Setting of threshold values for monitoring, control and diagnostics, for early signaling

  • Withdrawable unit/compartment identification and initialisation

  • Communication-capable MCCBs in withdrawable design

  • Continuous 24/7 temperature monitoring

  • Energy monitor

SIMARIS control – interface and monitoring system for  uniform operation and monitoring of intelligent switchboards
SIMARIS control is the central  remote or on-site  interface to the  SIVACON S8 switchboard, where all intelligent switching and measuring devices can be  operated and monitored.

  • Compatible to various communication systems and network  topologies

  • Flexible and expandable

  • Support for preventive maintenance through fast diagnostics

  • Switch position indication and operating hour counter

  • Uniform parameterisation of various devices via one interface

  • SIMARIS control functions are independent of higher automation levels, and use the available switch-board communication system

  • Appropriate authorisation levels are defined in individual user groups to avoid operating errors

  • Modifications of the digital twin can be maintained by the customer during runtime

  • Integration in Cloud based  analysis systems, such as MindSphere






Tested safety

SIVACON S8 stands for safety at a high level. The low-voltage switchboard is a design verified power switchgear and controlgear assembly; the design is verified by tests according to IEC 61439-2. Its physical properties have been verified at the testing laboratory for both operation and failure situations. Personnel safety is furthermore ensured by verification of the test under conditions of arcing in accordance with IEC/TR 61641.
Profit from exciting features:

Increased protection against internal  arcing for a high level of personnel  and switchboard safety
The new active protection system against internal arcing available for SIVACON S8 quenches an arc fault quickly and reliably. The new system limits the arcing time and decreases the pressure wave and the temperature significantly, which reduces the risk of injury during operation and maintenance, as well as the damage to the equipment.

Higher ratings through energy-efficient cooling  for safe and reliable operation
SIVACON S8 offers a patented forced cooling technology for cubicles in circuit-breaker design and in universal mounting design (Motor Control Centers, MCC). The system was  designed and optimised by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation, and was confirmed by numerous design verifications according to
IEC 61439. The system reduces the derating and provides a low temperature profile inside an MCC to ensure safe and long life operation of sensitive electronic equipment. The control system  monitors the temperature at critical spots, ensuring an energy- efficient cooling at any time. For increased lifetime, all fans are speed monitored, and the system provides full redundancy in the unlikely event of a fan failure.

Consistently design verified connection to SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems
In the cable or busbar connection compartment, the circuit- breaker design offers optimal connection conditions for every size. There, cables or SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems can be connected through a design verified connection.

Earthquake upgrade
In the earthquake-tested version, SIVACON S8 is available for seismic requirements. During the test, the functionality and stability after and during the earthquake are checked.

Certifications for application  on ships and offshore platforms
For application on ships and offshore platforms, SIVACON S8 was given the necessary certifications from renowned international classification societies under hand and seal.






Flexible solutions

SIVACON S8 offers intelligent solutions which can be  adapted to match your requirements. Different mounting designs can be combined in one cubicle with ease. The flexible modules allow for the simple exchange or addition  of functional units. The SIVACON S8 modules undergo  a continuous innovation process, thereby ensuring the technical progress for the overall system.

Profit from exciting features:

High packing  density in withdrawable design in one outgoing feeder cubicle
Regardless of whether small or normal withdrawable units are used, the size is optimally adapted to the required power rating, thus allowing to reduce the size of the switchboard to a minimum.
With small withdrawable units of size 1/4 (up to four withdrawable units per compartment) and 1/2 (up to two withdrawable units per compartment), as well as with normal withdrawable units with heights starting from 100 mm, very high packing densities can be achieved, with up to 48 withdrawable units per cubicle for space- optimised installation.
The 300 mm high small withdrawable units are particularly useful for  space-saving switchboards, and thus reduces the switch-board’s total investment costs. The 300 mm high withdrawable unit is especially suitable for the new Siemens SIRIUS and SENTRON device ranges. It offers an optimised air-flow design to lower the temperature rise caused by the power loss of the electric devices. Better access to the devices on the mounting plate ensures easy maintenance.

Combination of different mounting designs (fixed-mounted feeders, plug-in design, withdrawable design)
If there is little space available, the universal mounting design offers a safe, flexible, and cost-efficient solution. It allows to combine different mounting designs – withdrawable, fixed- mounted with compartment doors, plug-in – in one cubicle. As a version in withdrawable design, it is the ideal solution for Motor Control Centers in industrial plants, where a high availability of feeders and quick adjustments of the power supply system are required.

Motor management and motor control devices SIMOCODE pro

SIMOCODE pro is a flexible, modular motor management system for motors in the low-voltage range. It optimises the link between control system and motor feeder, increases switchboard availability, and offers at the same time considerable savings during construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of a switchboard.

  • Extensive protection, monitoring, safety, and control functions between the motor feeder and the automation system in just one compact system

  • Functions independently of the controller

  • Scalable, flexible solutions for all system configurations

  • Detailed operating, service, and diagnostic data for increased transparency throughout your switchboard

  • Connection to process control systems using the  most important communication protocols: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Modbus RTU, and OPC UA

  • Simple configuration and fast commissioning