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Electromobility for our future

Demographic change, increasing urbanization and industrialization – the reasons for the world’s growing need for energy are many and varied, and ultimately, they are the byproduct of development. But limited resources combined with a warming climate and its consequences make it essential that we find sustainable, integrated solutions to maintain our precious natural environment.
Part of any such solution is to re-examine our mobility with an eye toward minimizing CO2 emissions. As an integrated technology company and pioneer in electrical engineering for over 160 years, Siemens has an unrivaled ability to create the conditions for innovative, integrated solutions for worldwide electromobility.

WB140A charging unit

Modern, functional design and easy handling combine to create an optimized solution for use in garages and workshops, as well as in semipublic parking lots. Additionally, the type of protection IP44 facilitates applications outdoors, e.g. in carports.


The charging process commences as soon as the charging coupler is connected to the electric vehicle. The integrated delay function supports setting a charging delay in two-hour increments (2/4/6/8 hours) up to a max. of 8 hours. This allows charging with PV current or utilizing off-peak tariffs. LEDs display the current status. The additional LEDs at the top right and left of the housing indicate the actual charge status and are easily visible from a distance:
ready-to-charge / charging / fault.

Easy installation and operation

The system-tested and CE-compliant charging unit can be quickly and easily connected to a 230/400 V grid. At the time of installation the installer can limit the maximum current to match the existing conditions of the electrical system. A separate mounting bracket facilitates wall mounting. The charging cable is fixed to the charging unit and can be wrapped around the housing for easy storage.

CC100A charging cable

  • Flexibly adjustable charging current to adapt to existing building installations

  • Continuous monitoring of the charging process

  • Integrated protective functions ensure maximum safety for persons and sockets

  • Long service life thanks to a robust design and weather resistance

Charge flexibly and safely

Charging with the new CC100A charging cable in charging mode 2 in compliance with IEC 61851-1 is a safe and convenient alternative to using charging stations or posts. The mobile charging station for home and travel can be simply connected to common household plug-and-socket devices. The intuitive control box enables fast and easy adaptation of the charging current to any building installation. The integrated type A RCCB circuit breaker meets the requirements for safe charging of electric vehicles in compliance with IEC 61851.

New variants: Charging is even more flexible now

The range includes versions that cater for most common sockets in Europe and China - and e.g. the internationally used camping plug (CEE blue 6h) enables faster single-phase charging at 16 A (charging power 3.7 kW). With type 1, type 2 or GB/T 20234 vehicle charging couplers, it enables the connection to virtually any commercially available vehicle.

Functions for more safety

The clearly arranged LED indications on the control box indicate faults that cause automatic interruption of charging. Multiple-level temperature management interrupts charging if temperatures are too high or too low. Multiple-level temperature management therefore prevents a thermal overload. Charging is continued automatically once the temperature returns to a normal level. During the self-test before the start of every charging operation, wiring faults and welded contacts are also detected and are indicated to users by LEDs. The circuit is interrupted immediately in the event of a fault, thus providing comprehensive protection for users and electric vehicles.

Practical, robust enclosure

The CC100A charging cable's functional and ergonomic design permits easy operation and space-saving storage. The enclosure and the charging coupler are resistant to vehicles passing over them and also to soiling, moisture and temperature fluctuations. The control box even achieves the high IP67 degree of protection.