Safe components for a safe emergency power supply

Data centers, hospitals, airports, sensitive industries and other critical installations have one thing in common: Interruption of the power supply can have serious consequences and must be avoided in any event. Critical power systems therefore have to be safe, reliable and efficient. They only meet these requirements when each individual component works reliably – and also needs as little maintenance as possible. Each component must meet the prescribed standards and allow for space-saving installation. Here you can find protection, switching, measuring and monitoring devices from Siemens that are ideally suited for emergency power installations.

Siemens components for critical power systems

Siemens supplies perfectly coordinated components not only for batteries and generators, but also for switchgear and controlgear, which are used as Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) or Paralleling Switchgear (PSG) – for a reliably operating emergency power supply.

Unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung



Standby power units



Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

A storage battery solution supplies critical consumers with backup power. Find out more about which Siemens components allow you to activate the battery or protect you against overvoltage, overload and short circuit.

 Product overview

Standby power units

Standby power units are connected to recharge the battery of the uninterruptible power supply. In this case both the main and secondary current circuits of the generators must be protected. Click here to read which components are used.

 Product overview

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and Paralleling Switchgear (PSG)

The automatic transfer switch (ATS) transfers electrical power between two independent power sources – controlled either automatically or manually. It monitors the mains electricity and initiates the start of the standby power unit when the mains power leaves the tolerance range or fails completely. The consumer is thus provided with power either from the mains supply or the standby supply.

A paralleling switchgear (PSG) connects two or more generators or other current sources of the same phase, voltage and frequency, which supply the same consumer.

The SIVACON S8 low-voltage power distribution board is ideally suited to this task. We cooperate with partners worldwide who will be pleased to customize an ATS or PSG to your requirements. Here you can find a SIVACON Technology Partner near you:

 SIVACON Technology Partners



You can rely on our components – worldwide

As small as possible, but low-maintenance and standard-compliant? Available worldwide yet with a local representative? With our components for critical power systems you do not have to forego anything. They are characterized by the following features:

Geringer Platzbedarf

Low space requirement

For example the 3WL air circuit breaker is the smallest breaker in its performance class up to 2,000 A.



The switchgear in the SION vacuum circuit breakers, for example, only requires maintenenace after 10,000 switching cycles.

Weltweit verfügbar

Available worldwide

Our components are standardized, comprehensively certified and available and usable worldwide (UL, IEC, CCC).

Beratung vor Ort

On-site consultation

Our global presence means that we are also represented near you – and can support you personally.


Productivity boosting

Our configuration tools and CAx data support you throughout your entire process chain – from concept, through design, to commissioning and service.



Siemens is a strong brand and stands for high quality products with long service life – or in short: for reliable quality.