Siemens Mega Test Center for the Oil and Gas Industry

Duisburg, Germany

New construction of the largest test center in the world for testing large compressor trains (for the liquefaction of natural gas

  • Complete power distribution system for the building from a single source

  • End-to-end uniform systems solution for 110 kV, 10 kV, 690 V and 400 V

  • Electrical peak load of 108 MVA, converter technology up to 20 MW of single power output

  • Closed-loop controlled reactive power compen-sation unit in the 10KV grid

  • Detailed information on power distribution as part of the process by means of protection and central control technology from a single supplier

Products & systems by Totally Integrated Power applied

  • Type-tested, gas-insulated NXPLUS C medium-voltage switchgear with a modular design for utmost availability

  • GEAFOL cast-resin transformer to measure; nominal and relative short-circuit voltage optimally adjusted to network requirements and thus very economical

  • Type-tested and arc-fault-tested SIVACON 8PV low-voltage switchgear: alterations or retrofitting of withdrawable units possible without disconnecting the switchgear

  • SIVACON 8PS LD busbar trunking system as high-current connection to the transformers

  • SICAM PAS substation control system and PowerCC network control system