KPPC Petrochemical Complex

Power Distribution Project in Shuaiba, Kuwait (Realized by Siemens Italy)

Integrated petrochemical complex

  • Entire and continuous project management, engineering and commissioning of the power distribution system from one single source (Siemens Italy)

  • Electrical power distribution system based on interface-optimized components from medium- and low-voltage switchgear and controlgear technology with communication-capable installation devices for fast diagnostics and maintenance

  • Minimization of fire loads and electric fields due to the application of busbar trunking systems

  • This ensures utmost operational safety and availability of power supply.

Products & systems by Totally Integrated Power applied

  • Air-insulated medium-voltage switchgear NX AIR, 6,6 kV and gas-insulated medium-voltage switchgear, 33 kV: Factory-assembled, type-tested, metal-enclosed

  • SIVACON 8PV low-voltage switchgear with type-tested busbar interfacing for a better profitability

  • Communication-capable 3WL air circuit breakers and 3VL molded-case circuit breakers

  • Low-voltage busbar trunking system with a high degree of protection: High flexibility, compact design, halogen-free, low fire load

  • Low-voltage small distribution boards ALPHA

  • Integrated protection and control system enables easy configuration and commissioning from the control room and helps to increase the efficiency of operation management.

*) KPPC = Kuwait Paraxylene Production Company