BMW Welt

Munich, Germany

New construction of the BMW event and delivery center

  • Use of power distribution systems for the utmost of availability and building safety

  • Minimization of fire loads and electric fields due to the use of busbars thus reducing the need for fire protection cladding and the space requirements as compared to similar cable installations

Products & systems by Totally Integrated Power applied

  • 17 items of factory-assembled, type-tested, metal clad, air-insulated NXAIR medium-voltage switchgear for the maximum of operational safety, e.g. due to self-explanatory operating logic; maintenance intervals > 10 years

  • Meshing of  9 load center stations to ensure a very high degree of supply reliability

  • 130 meters of the SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking system, type LXA, 2,500 A, 5-pole:High short-circuit strength, low fire load values