Flood Prevention Complex

St. Petersburg, Russia

The complex consists of 11 dams, six water gates, two ship gates, a motorway with bridges, a sub-fairway tunnel and transport nodes (with 25.4 kilometers in total, it is the third longest dam in the world)

  • Implementation of integrated power distribution

  • Operational safety and continuous power supply are the highest priority

  • Under the umbrella of this large development project, the Siemens partner company BCC ( http://www.bcc.ru) was responsible for the configuration, installation and commissioning of more than 50 technical systems

  • Siemens supplied a large proportion of plants and components – ranging from systems for ventilation, water discharge and purification to the control of gas analyzers and temperature, up to electric power supply

Products & systems by Totally Integrated Power applied

  • SIMARIS design software tool for modelling the various 10-kV power supply cables in the entire development complex, for selecting suitable systems and components and for calculating time-current characteristics of the cabling and the selective response of the protective components. In parallel, conventional calculations were performed, based on the Russian GOST standard. This double check in planning and project handling ensured a high degree of reliability in terms of calculation results – whenever divergent calculation results occurred, plans and specifications were also matched, until deviations were eliminated.

In the two substations

  • 27 panels with gas-insulated NXPLUS C medium-voltage switchgear

In the ten twin-transformer technical checkpoints

  • GEAFOL transformers

  • Gas-insulated 8DJH medium-voltage switchgear

  • SIVACON S8 low-voltage power distribution boards

  • SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems