Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH (Dairy)

Zeven, Germany

New construction of a building section for the milk drying plant

  • Maximum operational safety and flexibility were the key aspects of power supply for the new plant.

  • For this purpose, power supply is ensured by completely redundant elements in form of a ring supply.

  • The consumer substation consists of two points of supply: If one of the two medium-voltage substations were to fail, the other one could easily ensure supply of the entire plant.

  • Planning work was performed – also in regard of future expansions – with the aid of the SIMARIS design and SIMARIS project planning tools.

Products & systems by Totally Integrated Power applied

  • Consumer substation: 20 kV medium-voltage switchgear and NXPLUS C medium-voltage switchgear

  • Two 8DJH medium-voltage switchgear substations

  • Nine GEAFOL cast-resin transformers, 1,600 kVA each

  • LVMD: Eight SIVACON S8 switchboards incl. 40 panels, their incoming/outgoing feeders equipped with multi-function devices of type SENTRON PAC3200 and PAC4200, whose measuring results are evaluated by a central station.

  • SD: Five SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboards for further load distribution

  • About 550 meters of the SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking system installed in total

  • WinCC, the process visualization system applied, allows to visualize the energy values of the low-voltage switchboards and monitor the medium-voltage switchgear, transformers, and the low-voltage main distribution system (LVMD).