Electrical Power Distribution for a Building

for Infrastructure and Industry

Medium-Voltage Switchgear
The supply network operator feeds medium voltage to the medium-voltage switchgear located in the basement. This ensures safe and cost-efficient power distribution in the building and distributes power to the transformer. Siemens offers gas- and air-insulated switchgear for all kinds of requirements and applications. They are type-tested in accordance with IEC 62271-200.
Medium-Voltage Protection Technology
Protection and bay control units protect the primary equipment by fast switching. They protect the power system, the generators and machines by selective fault tripping in the event of a fault. The complete SIPROTEC product family for line, motor and generator protection offers you an integrated solution with extensive protection and control functionality as well as extremely flexible communication options.
Vacuum Switching Technology for Medium Voltage
The compact SION circuit-breakers can be installed as fixed-mounted design and withdrawable design in all customary, air-insulated medium-voltage switchgear assemblies.
Power Quality
Energy automation with the SICAM PAS (Power Automation System) substation control system meets high requirements in terms of immunity, reliability, isolation, real-time resolution and secure data transmission. SICAM PAS is an open system and is the first to support the new IEC 61850 as communication standard between field and substation level.
Transformers convert medium voltage to the low voltage required to operate the power loads. GEAFOL trans-formers are flame-retardant and self-extinguishing and do not give off any toxic gases in case of fire. This makes them particularly suitable for use where distribution transformers in the immediate vicinity of human beings must guarantee maximum safety.
Busbar Trunking Systems
Electrical power is distributed via cables or busbar trunking systems. Thanks to their high short-circuit strength and minimal fire load, busbar trunking systems are considerably safer than cables. If the use of space changes, flexible modifications and expansions during operation are possible.
Low-Voltage Switchboards
The low-voltage switchboards SIVACON S8 provide maximum safety for human beings and equipment thanks to design verification by verification test according to IEC 61439-2 and an arc fault test. In addition, a type tested connection to the busbar trunking systems is available.
Distribution Boards
ALPHA distribution boards as small, wall or floor-mounted distribution boards offer highly reliable and standards-compatible quality and safety in accordance with the relevant standards. They pass the current on to rooms and manufacturing sections.
Protection, Switching, Measuring and Monitoring Devices
Comprehensive, perfectly coordinated portfolio for a safe and intelligent power distribution. The components match perfectly. The modular design makes planning as well as configuration for the low-voltage power distribution easy and fast. The maintenance or retrofit is quite simple with the SENTRON product range and a comprehensive, modular accessories.
Switching Devices for Industrial Loads
The broad SIRIUS range for complete switching of industrial loads: From contactors, contactor assemblies to soft starters up to solid-state switching devices for frequent switching of resistive loads and motors. What makes them unique: Their high contact reliability and compact design together with their special durability and long life - even in extreme ambient condition.
Power Monitoring Software
With the PC-based powermanager power monitoring software and the range of SENTRON devices, we offer a power monitoring solution in non-residential buildings or small and medium industrial plants that facilitates reduced energy costs and increased energy availability. powermanager requires minimum initial investment while offering full expandability.
Energy Management for Industrial Applications
The SIMATIC powerrate add-on for WinCC and PCS 7 as well as device-specific block libraries make it possible to integrate various energy management functions such as a structured visualization and archiving of consumption data, cost center allocation or load management as well as low-voltage power distribution components into the systems of the process and manufacturing industry.