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Users can select, configure, and order devices for Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) with the TIA Selection Tool. It combines the usual configurators for automation technology in one tool and offers much more.

The TIA Selection Tool is available in two variants:

  • To download and execute on Windows PCs

  • As a cloud variant optimized for tablet computers that could be started in your browser
    (we recommend Safari, Chrome and Firefox)

Projects saved in the cloud can be processed by both tools. So it is possible to work on the way on your tablet with the TIA Selection Tool cloud and back at the office you can continue with the TIA Selection Tool – and vice versa.

For full cloud functionality it is necessary to create an account in the Siemens Industry Mall.

The TIA Selection Tool provides wizards for selecting individual devices and entire plants. It helps the user select modules and accessories, checks slot rules, and prevents errors during selection. The TIA Selection Tool generates a complete order list directly from the products selected or configured by the user. This list can be directly exported into the Industry Mall shopping cart or can be exported in a common standard format.

Components that can be selected and configured include PLCs, distributed I/O systems, HMI panels, industrial PCs, drive systems, industrial controls, software, communications technology, power supplies, and industrial identification systems. Users can also create PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks, configure their topology, and select associated cables and connectors.

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Offline: TIA Selection Tool

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