SIMATIC to go – Automation technology when you’re on the go

The SIMATIC apps allow quick mobile access to the information and services of automation technology, whether during start-up, operation, or servicing. All apps have the same look and feel, are application-oriented, and meet our high demands with regard to Industrial Security.
This is what we call "SIMATIC to go" – offering you real added value.

"We define industry apps as an independent class of applications that support users in performing their everyday work and various tasks using our products," said Marcel Roske, marketing manager for SIMATIC apps.

Here you’ll find a selection of apps for your everyday work with SIMATIC in industry.



SIMATIC apps – The tools at a glance

References Drive Systems: Integrated Drive Systems in practice

SIMATIC WinCC Sm@rtClient

The SIMATIC WinCC Sm@rtClient app, in combination with the SIMATIC WinCC Sm@rtServer option, allows remote mobile operation and observation of SIMATIC HMI systems via Industrial Ethernet/WLAN.
Check out how to improve the operation of your automation processes and benefit from our Sm@rtClient app and its valuable features!

Drive System Applications – A perfect Drive Solution for any task


The LOGO! app is a tool used to monitor and control LOGO! devices. You can connect to LOGO! devices via WLAN and, for example, monitor the I/O status, VM values, and diagnostic information. Check out our new Control Page, where direct and fast access to variables is provided by a set of configurable controls!

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The SIMATIC S7 app allows you to connect to your SIMATIC controllers via WLAN. This provides you with comprehensive access to multiple stations for diagnostics and control purposes. You can display and modify variables, get mobile access to the diagnostic buffer and visualize tags in a trendview.
Check out our new Control Page, where direct and fast access to variables is provided by a set of configurable controls!.

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The SIMATIC WinCC OA OPERATOR mobile app allows you to monitor and control your plant easily using your smartphone. The app communicates via an https server using an SSL-encrypted XML-RPC interface. The SSL certificate can be simply imported.
Enhance your possibilities and try out our free SIMATIC WinCC OA Operator app!