High-end technology tasks


High-End Technologieaufgaben

Specific applications place special demands on automation solutions with regard to complexity and performance.
An example of this is the mapping of large closed-loop control structures with more than 100,000 function blocks in one plant. These structures contain the links of logic, control algorithms, and motion control down to programmed signal filters. Minimum cycle times of under a few milliseconds are required at the same time. Special Boolean operations even have the need for cycle times of down to one micro second. 
The solution for these tasks calls for automation systems with three central properties:

  • High performance

  • High level of scalability

  • High level of flexibility in the configuration

Automating many simultaneous processes

For applications in the field of mechanical engineering, for example, this can be achieved by adding a high-performance unit for open-loop control, arithmetic, and closed-loop control tasks to a PLC. A highly scalable multiprocessor system is then available for applications with the most stringent requirements. Examples of such applications include rolling mill automation with closed-loop control of more than 100 electric and hydraulic axes and power engineering with closed-loop control of plants for high-voltage DC transmission and power system stabilization.

The control software for these automation solutions is created with the maximum flexibility – from graphics-based configuring of closed-loop control structures to programming in C code. Hardware based Boolean operations are programmed using the standard programming languages LAD and FBD.

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