SIMATIC Technology - Applications


Application examples

Cam Control Unit with time-based IO

Technology Template "Hydraulics Characteristic"

Cross Cutter

Flying shears

Technology Template  "Move_Jog

Simple 3D-Interpolation with cam disks

Technology template “MoveCircle2D”

Cross Slide / Single Belt Application

S7-1200 Smart Applications - SIMATIC S7 webcast on the topic of step and servo motors with Motion Control

Closed-Loop Controlled Positioning of an Axis with S7-300, Micro Master and SIMATIC Easy Motion Control

Feeder for a press based on static cam disks

Flying shears with print-mark synchronization based on gear synchronism

Palletizer with Simply Interpolating Axes Based on Cam Discs


SIMATIC Technology - Motion Control

SIMATIC Technology - Motion Control Reference

SIMATIC Technology - High-End tasks

SIMATIC S7-1200: AT 7 - Simple Motion Commissioning

SIMATIC S7-1500: AT 7- Integrated Drives and Motion

SIMATIC S7-1500: AT 8 - Integrated Positioning

SIMATIC S7-1200: Control of step and servo motors with STEP 7 V11 Motion Control

SIMATIC S7-1200: Control USS-capable Drives