SIMATIC Technology - The perfect basis for all technological tasks

To stay one decisive step ahead of the competition, you need an efficient, integrated and future-oriented automation solution for the technology tasks on your machine or plant. And that is precisely what we are offering you  as your reliable and experienced partner: with SIMATIC Technology.

Motion Control

Motion Control Tasks

Motion Control functionality includes all control tasks for the operation of drives as well as the acquisition of position values using position encoders.

Signal acquisition and output

Signal processing tasks

Here, you will learn more about counting and dosing, cam controls, pulse generator, pulse width modulation, frequency and length measurement and position detection

Closed-loop / PID control

Closed-loop control

Here, you will find everything related to SIMATIC closed-loop controls: multifunction controllers, step controllers, and temperature controllers

High-end technology tasks

High end technology tasks

Here, you will find solutions for tasks with stringent requirements for performance, scalability and flexibility in the configuration

Serial communication

Serial communication

Here, you will learn more about the possibilities you have when connecting to simple field devices and 3rd party systems via serial interfaces.


Application overview

Here, you will find a list of applications, videos and FAQs to help you obtain fast access to a comprehensive knowledge base.

Technology Product portfolio

SIMATIC Technology product portfolio

SIMATIC Technology represents the greatest possible freedom in the choice of design and scalability of the hardware and software.


References SIMATIC Technology

Have a look at our references list to see how customers coped with their technological tasks by employing SIMATIC Technology.

Totally Integrated Automation

Totally Integrated Automation

Find out how having all automation components work together efficiently lays the foundation for making things right: faster, smarter and more flexible