Energy management with SIMATIC

There are more than enough good reasons to implement an energy management system in industrial plants. One in particular stands out: It plays a significant role in increasing productivity, leading to improved competitiveness. Energy management with SIMATIC makes the flow of energy in production facilities transparent, thus supporting analysis and identification of potential energy savings. The result is increased efficiency over the long term, higher productivity, and an improved cost situation.

Step by step

SIMATIC offers scalable energy management. The gradual build-up and expansion ranges from straightforward energy monitoring to a comprehensive energy management system.

SIMATIC powerrate

SIMATIC powerrate standardizes, visualizes, and archives mean values for energy quantities and power loads and reduces energy costs by capping peak loads.


SIMATIC B.Data, the energy management system at the company level allows optimized and cost-effective energy management.


Industrial Security Services

Using PROFIenergy, the PROFInet based communication protocol, loads can be shut down centrally in a coordinated fashion independent of the manufacturer and device.

Energy Analytics

Energy Analytics. Intelligent. Simple. Economic - Turn energy knowledge into practical operational information and take much faster and qualitatively better business decisions.

Energy Efficiency Newsroom

Just have a look at News and Videos to see, what we’ve published on the topic of energy efficiency. You’ll always be up to date with the latest information.

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Totally Integrated Automation

Totally Integrated Automation

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