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Updates for CA 01 International Editions

General informations to catalog updates

The update functionality is integrated in CA 01. This makes it possible to automatically download updates, recognized by the Interactive catalog CA 01. Use the menu item Search for updates on the Internet in the menu Internet to search immediately for current updates.
A precondition will be that an Internet connection is active at the moment the search is carried out.

Hotfix for CA 01 Software with CA01PatcherV2.exe Error

This patch solves an error, that occurs with an initial CA 01 software installation: data and/or software updates can not be installed online!


- by manual software update:

Download the patch below, unzip it and run the containing "CA01_OfflineUpdate.exe" on your computer. Confirm the selection window during the CA 01 patch installation. After the installation your CA 01 software has been updated to the version 2.3010.

CA 01 Software Update (New: 2.3109)

Please refer to the release notes for more update details. (amount of data about 73,4 MB)

After successful installation, your CA 01 will have been updated to version 2.3109
Your current CA 01 version can be found in the "Help" menu under "Info about".

All updates are recommended!

Nevertheless please use the manual installation of the update only if the automatical update does not work (or  within CA 01:  Menu -> Internet -> Search for updates)!

Problems during the CA01 update

If any problems should appear during the CA 01 update installation, please contact us via the hotline under the phone number:

49 (0) 911 895 7895

or via Email: