HiMed – The intelligent answer to the challenges of everyday clinical life

The HiMed Cockpit multimedia terminal offers patients an unprecedented level of convenience. In addition to making phone calls, watching TV, listening to the radio and watching films, patients can now also surf the internet, retrieve information via the patient portal and use existing applications without leaving their bed. An integrated webcam even makes it possible for friends and relatives to pay a virtual visit to the hospital.

The Cockpit helps doctors and nurses by supporting the interactive processes at the patient’s bedside. The direct link to the hospital information system means that data (e. g. from the electronic patient records) can be viewed instantly and the necessary action can be taken. Information and Instructions can also be entered immediately.

The Cockpit can be easily integrated into the patient’s room using the existing infrastructure in the building. This saves both time and money. Additional revenue is generated from the services offered such as telephone, TV, video on demand and the internet, while optimizing the processes at the patient’s bedside enhances the efficiency and attractiveness of the hospital.


HiMed provides IPTV, IP radio, telephony, internet service, games, as well as video communications at the patient’s bed.

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For example hospital information, patient survey, menu ordering, therapy program, patient education are directly available.

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