Easy and Compact SINAMICS Frequency Inverters

The compact inverters are integral components of the integrated SINAMICS drive family – the first choice for innovative and future-proof drive solutions. These easy-to-operate frequency inverters from Siemens are perfectly suited for sales via distributors and cover the performance range from 0.12 KW to 30 KW. The space-saving frame size and the comprehensive functionality make the SINAMICS V20 and the SINAMICS G120C real top sellers.

SINAMICS V20 – economical basic inverter

Easy to install, easy to use and easy to save money – this characterizes the new SINAMICS V20 inverter family. This comprises five frame sizes for the performance range from 0.12 KW to 30 KW, for operation on single-phase and three-phase power supplies (230 V/400 V) in the following controller types: U/f, U²/f, FCC (flux current control), U/f multi-point


  • Compact design

  • Wall and push-through mounting, side-by-side installation

  • Integrated braking chopper for 7.5 KW to 30 KW

  • Integrated USS and Modbus RTU interfaces

  • ECO mode

  • The Keep Running Mode allows uninterruptible operation

SINAMICS G120C – compact single drive

SINAMICS G120C defines new standards in its class regarding small frame sizes, short commissioning times, convenient operation and superior service friendliness. With its three frame sizes, the compact single drive with small performance and suitable functionality covers the performance range from 0.55 KW to 18.5 KW for operation on three-phase power supplies (380 V - 480 V).


  • Compact design

  • Convenient commissioning and maintenance

  • Side-by-side installation without derating

  • IIntegrated communication interfaces:

  • Safety Integrated (STO)

  • Integral component of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA)

Product comparison

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