SINAMICS Frequency Inverters Portfolio

Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of SINAMICS frequency inverters which are perfectly tailored to the requirements stated by the electrical wholesale. When using these inverters, users benefit from a uniform and at the same time easy operator concept which minimizes the training and service expenditure. Last but not least, SINAMICS convinces through an optimum price-performance ratio. Siemens provides suitable frequency inverters for all applications. The portfolio is subdivided into compact, basic and flexible, modular frequency inverters.

Easy and compact SINAMICS frequency inverters

The compact inverters convince through their simple design, which combines the Control Unit and the Power Module in one unit. Thus, in-depth specific technical drive knowledge is not required in order to conveniently place basic orders and optimally consult customers.

economical basic inverter
ranging from 0.12 KW to 30 KW

compact, versatile inverter
ranging from 0.55 KW to 18.5 KW

Flexible and modular SINAMICS frequency inverters

The selection of flexible inverters is reduced by the modular system used to two to three steps. The flexible frequency inverters mainly consist of two functional units: The Control Unit and the Power Module. The superior flexibility and combinability provides lots of benefits to the user:

  • Cost saving: Depending on the specific requirement, you only pay for the features you really need.

  • The easy replaceability provides utmost service friendliness

  • Energy efficiency due to numerous functions

Specialist for pumps, fans and compressors
ranging from 0.37 KW to 90 KW

Economic single positioning drive ranging from 0.12 KW to 90 KW

modular, safe and rugged
ranging from 0,55 KW to 250 KW