Industrial Control Panels for North America


Mechanical Engineering

Herrenknecht AG – Leading Manufacturer of Tunnel Boring Machines

Circuit Breakers and Contactors with UL Certification in Tunnel Boring Machines


  • Protection and switching devices for the 480 V on-board power supply system with 60 Hz and a max. short circuit current of 65 kA

  • Switching devices for wye-delta starter

  • Protective devices for protection of the entire tunnel boring machine

  • High supply and product quality, comprehensive consulting services and documentation


  • Protection of all pump and drive motors with SENTRON 3VL compact circuit breakers

  • Wye-delta switching with SIRIUS 3RT contactors

  • Protection of the complete hydro shield with SENTRON 3WL air circuit breakers

  • SIRIUS 3RV motor controllers as "Manual Self Protected Combination Motor Controllers",
    Type E

Added value

  • Structured device documentation

  • Reliable UL conformity: the order specifications were accurately complied withComprehensive consulting services

  • Easy retrofitting of circuit breakers with electronic trip units or communication module for direct PROFIBUS connection

  • Uniform design through identical construction of IEC/UL devices


Renowned Automotive Manufacturer Relies on Siemens Quality Worldwide


  • Reduced costs for planning and commissioning new systems

  • Easier maintenance

  • Worldwide standardization of the complete production equipment


  • Standardized control panel types for typical automation processes in automotive production, e.g. paint, press and body shop

  • Globally available product portfolio: SENTRON 3VL compact circuit breakers, SIRIUS 3RV manual motor controllers, SIRIUS 3RA load feeders, SIRIUS 3RB/3RU overload relays, SIRIUS transformers and SIMATIC ET200 distributed I/Os, HMI panels, and RFID identification systems

  • Delivery to the various plants from 3 production facilities of industrial control panels (Germany, USA, China)

Added value

  • Comprehensive, high-performance and flexible product portfolio on maximum quality level

  • Comprehensive know-how of the automotive production sector and country specifics

  • Easy order and project implementation process as well as stock-keeping due to a high degree of standardization

  • Fast and high product availability through global production

  • Easy product tracking and high quality reliability through concentration of the control panel production to three sites

  • Fast service and support through global Siemens network

Block Heat and Power Plant

EWA Elektrotechnik GmbH – Planning and Realization of a Power Distribution Board for a Block Heat and Power Plant

The task consisted of the first-time planning and realization of a power distribution board for a block heat and power plant with cogeneration for the North-American market in Wyoming, USA. The board's planning and realization had to be realized in accordance with the requirements of UL508a in conjunction with NFPA 79.

The following conditions had to be observed in particular:

  • Application of approved and certified components

  • Special installation conditions in accordance with UL508a with regard to unlisted products

  • Compliance with specific codes for North America and mandatory compliance with diverse standards

Siemens offers competent support and project consulting services for deliveries to North America to customers and power distribution board manufacturers.

System-specific requirements

  • Conceptual design of a block heat and power plant based on the cogeneration principle

  • Infeed capacity of max. 4.2 MW

  • Dimensioning of the overall concept for exclusive parallel system operation

  • The resulting overall power is to be generated on the low-voltage side and fed to the medium-voltage side via transformers


  • Application of 4 TCG 2020 V16 OLS gas gensets by MWM

  • Infeed capacity control through application of the gensets by MWM

  • Automatic connection or disconnection of the gensets in combination with synchronization on the busbar

  • Motor monitoring and auxiliary drive control via the TEM system developed by MWM

  • HAS auxiliary drive cabinets ensure generator monitoring, generator protection and auxiliary drive monitoring

  • The ZAS central system cabinet realizes superior functions such as calculation of the total power as well as connection and disconnection of the individual gensets