Products for specific requirements

Products and systems for specific markets and extraordinary requirements stand for maximum ruggedness, efficiency and flexibility.

SIPLUS extreme - Devices for extreme requirements

SIPLUS extreme are devices for reliable operation under difficult to extreme condition within SIMATIC, LOGO!, SITOP, SINAMICS and SIMOTION system series.

SIDOOR - Automatic Door Controls

SIDOOR is an automatic door management system that offers you diverse application options and benefits in mobility, elevator and industrial applications.

SIPLUS HCS - I/O Systems for heating elements

SIPLUS HCS easily integrates heating processes into industrial automation. The heating control systems already contain all the components needed to control electrical heating elements.

SIPLUS RIC - Telecontrol Systems

SIPLUS RIC represents a telecontrol system based on the SIMATIC S7 automation system with internationally standardized communication protocols

SIPLUS CMS - Condition Monitoring Systems

SIPLUS CMS condition monitoring systems can be used for continuous monitoring of mechanical components such as motors, gear boxes, pumps and fans – easy and efficient.

SICLOCK - Time Synchronisation Systems

SICLOCK systems are used in a wide range of industries and applications, including factory and process automation, power supplies, building automation, transportation systems, safety engineering and IT systems.

SIMEAS - Measuring Transducers

 SIMEAS T Measuring transducers for power networks are particularly necessary in power plants and substations for the electrical isolation of electrical signals and their further processing.