Option package for programming Technology Controllers


PLC open compliant technological functions

The S7-Technology option package, which is based on STEP 7,is required for parameterizing and programming the technology:

  • S7-Technology contains a library with PLCopen-compatible function blocks for programming and configuring the motion control tasks as well as the software components for integration and commissioning of the drive.

  • It is used to parameterize the technology objects, e.g. axis, path object, cam disk, output cam, probe. No special Motion Control language is required for this.

  • It offers a control panel and a real-time trace in addition to the SIMATIC diagnostic functions. Consequently the time required for commissioning and optimization is reduced.

  • S7-Technology stores the user-specific data for the technology objects in data blocks. These can be scanned in the S7 user program.

  • S7-Technology uses the STEP 7 languages LAD, FBD and STL as well as all engineering tools, e.g. S7-SCL and S7-GRAPH.

  • S7-Technology supports position-controlled and pressure controlled hydraulic axes.

  • For path interpolations, powerful PLCopen-compatible functions are available that support various standard kinematics (SCARA, roll picker, articulated arm robot, delta-picker 2D/3D).

Area of application

The area of application is determined by the combination of available technological objects

  • Speed controlled Axis
    to preset, control and monitor the speed of an axis when the position is irrelevant.

  • Positioning Axis
    to move the axis to a defined position and to control andmonitor that position.

  • Synchronization Axis
    to use the motion and position values of a leadingaxis as a master setpoint.
    A synchronization axis is a "following axis" which follows a "leading axis."

  • Cam disk
    to implement complex motion sequences. A camdisk defines the dependency of a following axis position on the leading axis position.

  • Output cam
    to generate control signals based on the axisposition. You can evaluate the control signals in the user program, or set these at digitaloutputs

  • Cam track
    to use several output cams of the sametype on one axis or an external encoder. Up to 32 individual output cams can be used in acam track.

  • Measuring Input
    for precise and fast logging of actual positionvalues.

  • External encoder
    to return the position or angle of amechanical component as a master setpoint to the Technology CPU